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ky是什么意思,ky怎么读,ky翻译为:Cayman Isl

2022年04月08日 21:34:14243630
... 提示:点击例句中的单词,就可以看到词义解释We can only buy ky jelly in the4-ounce tubes .们只能买到4盎司装的肯塔基果冻。Use alot of lubrication such as ky jelly .用些润滑液(比如ky胶)。What language I thy a wer , o ky ?“天空呀,回答的是什么?”We 're having a ky wrestling match .我们有一场肯塔基摔跤比赛.Looks like we better put the ky wrestling on hold for a while .看来咱们最好还是中断肯塔基摔跤一阵子。